Three best ways to release STRESS

Every one of us has dreams and things we want to accomplish. We always try our best to do more and more, better and better, towards success, getting closer and closer.

At the same time, It feels like something is pressing on us. The harder we work, the heavier it is.

That's STRESS...

It sometimes makes us feel helpless.

It causes a headache.

How do we do?

Here are the three most effective methods I have tried.

1) Don't think too much!

Stress comes from unknown and uncontrollable factors as if 'Will my boss satisfy with the proposal I handed in'?

We can't predict what will happen in the future and control the way people think. If we've tried our best, we have done the best!

If things are under our control, that's good. If things aren't under our control, we don't have to worry about it!

Try to share and celebrate a happy time with friends, talk to them when you are worried.

We are always thinking too much when we are alone.

Have afternoon tea with friends is a good choice.

2) Write down what makes you feel stressed

Trust me, it really works.

We all need a way to vent. Write down the concerns and problem will make our mind clearer and release the stress.

Firstly, the main factor is due to excessive workload.

When we write it down, we'll be able to see the full picture and planning how to accomplish smoothly rather than thinking in mind which will make it more vague and complicated.

Secondly, we do not know the complete solution as to the problem.

When we wrote down the problem, we can come up with a solution more easily.

For example,

Q: How can find a good job?

A: I will need related knowledge and experience regarding the industry.

Q: How do I gain related knowledge and experience?

A: I can gain knowledge through online learning or looking for a related institution.

Q: Will the study and internship affect my current plan?

A: I'll adjust to find balance.

3) Set aside some time to do what you love

It's important that you can do this with full focus.

I like to watch one to three episodes of Korean dramas when I feel very stressed.

Sometimes the plot does empathize with me and I may find inspiration in it.

Of course, it varies from person to person.

Some people can relax by reading, exercising, sleeping(maybe)...

Find out yours and let's have a healthy life together

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